Electric Wheelchair

As a leading electric wheelchair manufacturer in India , we offer innovative new electric wheelchairs, designed to provide maximum mobility and independence for individuals with mobility limitations. This state-of-the-art wheelchair is powered by a high-performance electric motor, allowing you to easily navigate through different surfaces.

Seating system and control

Our portable electric wheelchair is designed with comfort and durability in mind, featuring a comfortable seat with adjustable armrests and footrests, and a sturdy frame that can support up to 300 lbs. The chair is also equipped with a variety of safety features, such as anti-tip wheels and an electromagnetic braking system, to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Pocket-friendly prices

Our electric wheelchair is designed to be easily disassembled, making it easy to transport and store. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to lift and carry. It provides you the experience of freedom and independence to take control of your mobility. At EVOX group, we make sure you receive the products at prices well within your budget. Therefore, we also offer exclusive discounts on all our product ranges.