Introducing our latest portable oxygen concentrator, designed to be lightweight and compact, and is the perfect solution for patients who need oxygen support indoors or outdoors or in emergencies. Our portable oxygen concentrator uses advanced technology to filter and concentrate the surrounding air into a high-purity oxygen stream. It comes with long battery life and is perfect for patients with COPD, emphysema, and other respiratory disorders that require continuous oxygen supply.


Our portable oxygenator is designed to be elegant, small, lightweight, and durable that is compatible with travel as well. Our portable oxygenator machine has a built-in led display showing the percentage of purity of oxygen.

Tech and special features

Our portable oxygenator machine has intelligent features such as sleep mode, checking activity levels, 24x7 usage, and several other technical supports. With us being the most trusted Portable Oxygen Concentration Manufacturer in Mohali, you can be assured of only high-grade products.