High Pressure Concentrator

With the incorporation and utilization of molecular sieve patent technology, the high-pressure concentrator is mainly utilized for hospital and commercial purposes supplying high-levels and high pressure of oxygen. It holds a significant part in the AMOGS (Advanced Medical Oxygen Generating System) being the advanced solution for major oxygen supplies without any obstructions with ensuring high purity of oxygen for a longer duration.

Built and Features

With us at EVOX, is the leading high-pressure concentrating system supplier in Mohali based, we provide oxygen concentrators with a strong and robust built. These have a USA built-in technology for backing up oxygen supply. The EVOX HPC will help in giving the following solutions:-

  • No need to replace traditional oxygen cylinder
  • Tension-free oxygen supply
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Less Manpower required
  • High purity assured

Cost and installation

Being the EVOX HPC - High-Pressure Oxygen Concentration Manufacturer in Mohali, these products are the most compatible ones for hospital and commercial requirements. We, at EVOX, take complete charge and responsibility of installing the concentrators at the hospital at cost-effective prices. We additionally provide exclusive offers and discounts for bulk orders.