Small Electric Wheelchair

Small Electric Wheelchair supply and manufacturing is done by us with unique technology as well as premium quality material which fits your need as well as budget perfectly. Freedom of movement and access of all environments can be carried out with it as it is well tested to ensure your safety and comfort.

Speedy supply

We provide quality and quantity services as we are the most trusted name for Small Lightweight Electric Wheelchair supply. It is clearly understood that the product is highly compact making its portability easy and hassle free; our customers will always be our priority hence there is no compromise made on the supply of the product. The Attendant controller can also be fitted as an optional feature, making the user more comfort and user friendly as well as safety.

Fold on the go

The basic belief lies in convenience and easy living hence, the Small Foldable Electric Wheelchair manufacturers in Mohali is a well received and popular product in the market. It has a fascinating battery quality and range for such a compact product, at such a reasonable and affordable price. Grab one of our premium pieces today!